Who We Are &

What We Do

Kansai Energy is an energy management and renewable energy development company. Founded in 2017, we bring a wealthy of industry experience in the field of design, consulting, installations and equipment supply. We have managed to work with numerous organizations including manufacturing, agriculture, mining, construction and NGOs.

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This is what we offer

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting consumes roughly 12% of electrical energy produced by industrialised countries so to solve this Kansai Energy offers the LED system to solve the lighting problems.

Energy Management

Energy management is the proactive, organized and systematic coordination of procurement, conversion, distribution and use of energy to meet the requirements, taking into account environmental and economic objectives.

Solar Water Pumping

We also offer solar solutions to provide clean water to your tap.

Rooftop Solar Systems

Solar-powered geysers to your home or workplace provide you with warm water, with minimal costs ever.

Telemetry systems

An interesting development in this information age where there is communication between human and machines and between machines themselves.

Electrical Instrumentation

We believe that productivity can be made more efficient if the systems of production are automated . Our engineers are experienced in installation and programing of control instruments like PLCs and SCADAs

Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction is a technique of increasing the power factor of a power supply. Switching power supplies without power factor correction draw current in short, high-magnitude pulses.

Energy Audits

This is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, a process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output.


Here are some tailor-made products we offer exclusively to our clients


GSM Cameras and Commanders


Solar Water Pumps and Panels


Variables Speed Drives


LED Lights